Founded in 2016. Adventurer in ASEAN is founded by us, a group of ASEAN university students who are keen to share our ASEAN experiences with different communities.  As ASEANers, we take pride in the different culture blends in our community and the unique harmony in our lifestyles in ASEAN.

Adventurer in ASEAN serves as a travel experience platform where we share tips and adventuring experiences across ASEAN to other Adventurers. From the hustle and bustle of Bangkok city to the refreshing views of Lao Highlands; From the iconic Nasi Lemak of Malaysia to the authentic Pho Bo(Beef Noodles) of Vietnam, we look forward to cover these unique experiences exclusively found in ASEAN.

We strongly encourage the engagement between travelers in sharing your experiences on our platform. ASEAN, as a unique identity makes us extremely proud of what we are and what we do. We also encourage young travelers across ASEAN and the world to explore and rediscover the beauty of ASEAN.

Travelling in ASEAN, not only will add vibrant colors to your travel experience, but will expose you the pride of truly being An Adventurer in ASEAN.

Work hard, Travel Harder, Love ASEAN!

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