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BigPay is much more friendlier to Malaysia travelers if compared to others. As it is just in a startup progression, we definitely do hope that it can be opened up more to other currency markets. The down side of having one is that it can’t keep different currency, but will keep it in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR).

OTP was not received for verification (Resolved)

As we travel often to Thailand and so, We changed the Log In Phone number into a Thai number and it was working well. Until a few weeks later, suddenly, BigPay could not send any OTP and the OTP Not Send Error was coming out. We checked with the local TelCo but they found that the number was still usable and fully functional in accepting messages.

We called BigPay and they told us actually the BigPay Number was being barred from the Thai Telco and could not successfully send the OTP. So, I requested to change back the number to a Malaysian Number. It actually took us about 2 days to change the Malaysian number as our Log In Account Number.

More caution is to be applied especially for security reasons. BigPay may be saving up service fees, but if there is not international telco services to go with it, it may be still risky to put money inside.

No Code Verification to 3rd Parties

We notice a several times when we use it to purchase the airtickets on AirAsia, it has skipped the code authentication part with the code sent to the phone. This may seems be convenient, but can be seriously damaging especially when you are making the wrong bookings.

Without code verification, this will enable strangers who may accidentally have access to your card to be able to swipe and purchase. Highly doubtful, if the BigPay Card is lost, how fast can they bar the card and the effectiveness of it.

How to keep safe with BigPay Card?

Usually, we won’t put in too much money inside to keep. Instead, we will only reload with approximate the amount which we are transacting for our next air tickets purchases. At the end, there will be only be cents and a few ringgit left inside the account. We have also note that the currency exchange may be following international standards, but foreign banks may still charge a service fee with BigPay Card reloads.

We are also concern with the Bigpoints which are being accumulated on the BigPay Card. There is no allowance for transfer to a AirAsia Big Account, which actually frustrates us a lot. Despite saying so, BigPay can help to save a great amount of service charges, especially if you are a frequent traveller.


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