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A “Time is Money” concept always gets on our mind while doing our travels across countries. When we
get to foreign countries, we may find ourselves rushing to multiple places within a day and get being
more exhausted after the trip.

Maybe is because of the influence of tour group itineraries which tend to sort of maximize your time
into going different destinations within a day to make it worth your trip, we get to do the same while
planning our own trip.

At the long run, we find this type of travelling lifestyle may not bring much benefits after all. First of all, a
travel experience mostly relies on what activities or planning we involve in, not on how many activities
we are doing within a day. Some may even find themselves studying a Archaeological Museum in Beijing
for half a day, and feel satisfied, while some find themselves visiting 8 shopping malls a day more

However, no matter what you do, we do suggest adventurers to actually make up free time during
travels. These free time slots are times which we don’t initially plan for anything, and reserve it for just
pure rest. Maybe, it is just a mere 2 hours in the middle of a day where you go back to your
accommodation and rest, or a free-up night spent to re-organize your trip.

These free time actually can bring more “traveler performance” towards your itinerary. Travelling to a
new country or experiencing a new culture is actually energy consuming and we tend to neglect this
aspect. We initially found this out whenever we get back to our country after a trip, we tend to be more
tired and depleted.

To adventure a place, is never to deplete one’s energy, but actually to rejuvenate and reenergize one’s
life. Spacing up free time during travels should not be seen as a waste of time, but oppositely should be
of a chance of recalibrating your lifestyle in a foreign country and to prepare for your next itinerary.

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