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Here is a short summary of the new visa policy.

As the Thai government is cracking down on people travelling out from Thai and make a one day trip back to Thai to renew their passport chops, they have changed their policy. 30-day visa entries are now limited to 2 times per calendar year (Land-Border Passing). Calendar year means that from 1 Jan to 31 Dec of a year.

So, if you are travelling across Thai border more than twice per year, a special visa will be needed to enable you to do that. The border posts including Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Malaysia. Please note: IF you are coming in by air, through an airport without any visas, you can still get your 30-day stamp for 6 times per year.

GOOD NEWS FOR MALAYSIANS THOUGH: The only exemption of this new visa policy is if you are a Malaysian and crossing the Malaysian border into Thai, you will have UNLIMITED 30-Day Visa Exemption stamps.

In short, Malaysians can still go in and out of Thai through the Thai-Malaysian border unlimited times, but not through other borders. But please note: is from Malaysian borders, not from other borders. If you are from other borders, you will still need to apply for visa.

A General Misunderstanding of Visas and Chop

The chops you get from travelling in and out of a so-called “visa-free” country is just a chop which states the date you entered and also state when you should leave. The chops you get are NOT your Visa and certainly not your VISA-ON-Arrival.

Visa is an extra documentation and paperwork for you to stay in that country for a specific time. So, for travelers out there, please note, just because you have a chop for entering the country, does not being assumed that you have the necessary Visa to be exempted from the current Visa policy of Thailand.


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