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We still think Langkawi is the perfect place for New or Young Travellers to start their adventures in. Not only because the size of it, but also Langkawi is packed with many adventurous “surprises” and you can travel on your own pace.

During our stay in Langkawi, we rented a car at the airport. It is common for travelers to rent a car throughout their trip in Langkawi. Using taxi or Grab Services may end up costing you more as you travel from places to places.

Road Driving Difficulty: One to Two Star

If compared to the road in other parts of Malaysia, the roads of Langkawi is definitely are comfortable. The reason is because there is little traffics outside the town. We almost see no cars when we are driving at the coastal areas and sometimes a truck or two when we get near the city area. It allows you to cruise your vehicle relaxingly. Only when getting to the City Area such as Kuah Town or Tourist Hotspot such as Cenang Beach Area, roads will get significantly smaller as people tend to double park here and there. Little traffic jams can be expected.

Why we rated it as Two Stars too? As we have spent the sunset around Tengkorak Beach and we are planning to turn back to Cenang Area which we have booked our hotel, it appears that we have to take the middle road down and it is going through curvy slopes and without lights. We think this adds a little bit of dangerous element to driving in Langkawi. Apart from there, everything is perfectly fine.

Trip Planning Difficulty: Two Star

Accomodation: As Langkawi is a small island, planning the accommodation is easier if compared to Penang Island. Main Areas are only Kuah Town and Cenang Beach which has more budget friendly hotels. The rest at further North side of Langkawi area are all the 4-5 Stars Beach hotel or Private Properties.

For budget adventurers, we had spent a night each in Kuah Town and in Cenang Beach. Kuah Town is relatively less popular if compared to Cenang Beach. Cenang was a little bit like Phuket and it was also booming with a little nightlife. Average prices spend is about RM100-RM130 per night for 2 persons. We do not prefer to pay anything more than that.

Budget costs with Extravagant Experiences

Eating: Eating in Langkawi is not too expensive as long as you don’t splurge in the nearby 5 Star facilities or near the Marina Barrage. Eating was perfectly fine.

Car: We rented a car for about RM90 per day and I could say it was certainly worth the deal. Having a taxi is much more expensive and can amount you to RM200 per day if you are heading to more destinations. During our 3 Days 2 Nights trip, we had to fill up One full tank and maybe a quarter more..but we have travelled all around Langkawi from North to South. Fuel prices are lower than RM120 for 3D2N.

Attractions: The only main touristy attractions was the cable car and the viewing platform in Langkawi in the Cultural villages. We did not go to the GeoForest Park which they offer river cruises around the river which links to the sea. Views and sceneries we felt not that nice.

The rest we visited was beaches and we certainly have a quality and wonderful time re-calibrating ourselves. Sunset experiences were perfect as we enjoyed the serenity.

Short Duration required for a perfect tour in Langkawi

We counted, the maximum distance between our staying area and a tourist destination is only 1 Hour and usually it takes 15 -20 Minutes to get from one place to another. Excluding occasionally peak hours in the town area, outside the town, there is rarely any traffic jams.

Because of this, we visited quite a number of places during our travel and we have managed to cover the whole Langkawi within just 3 Days. Maximum I think will be 4 Days and it will be more than enough to visit Langkawi.

Stay tuned as we share our schedules and how we plan our trip to Langkawi!!!

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