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Often on Facebook, we see a lot of so-called Destinations which are “In-Trend”. As such, the drop value of Japanese Yen, makes Japan the IT-Place again while incidents such as Phuket Boat disasters make tourists think twice before visiting Phuket. Should we or Should We not follow these trends?

We should not, if…

Mere Marketing Trend Tactics

Nowadays, Tour Companies are hiring blogger, online influencers to create contents about a destination and being sponsored by them. Despite how well the contents might be, as seasoned travelers, we know that the real thing might not be like that, even you joined the exact same tour.

We are often influenced by seeing beautiful panorama pictures and plan our trips to visit these picturesque places around ASEAN. But often, we tend to be little disappointed. A lot of these “featured” destinations are over-touristy and being crowded with tour companies. Our advice? Do not skip your homework and a throughout research on the reviews will lead you to light.

Over-Negative influences

We tend to look at the bigger picture when planning a trip, near or far. For instance, we were advised not to travel to Myanmar during sensitive periods and our Visa’s may not be approved as there were tensions between the Malaysian and Myanmar governments back then. But, we were not so much taken back, because we researched how to avoid tensions.

Ended up, we visited Myanmar 2 weeks before the general election and even so, avoid major campaigning areas. Not advising to overlook these negative influences, but also to keep an open mind of your goal of travelling. Our goal of travelling is definitely to learn more about a country’s culture through adventures.

We should, if…

Budget Friendly Destinations

Trending places may not be exactly touristy destinations. A lot of places which are lesser known may be rediscovered and also be quite budget friendly. When travelling to Langkawi, we ditched the private beaches and head out to the open beaches where only locals know. It was certainly amazing to spend time there and not having to spend as much as we do on private beaches.

For Instance, when the Japan Yen dropped, people flocked into Japan to shop for products which are “discounted” because of the Yen Value Drop. But now knowingly, this has led to the rising of prices around hotels and tours. Ended up, the expense despite of the drop in Yen will still be relatively high. Planning is important when travelling to these places. Often, Airlines companies may offer up great low prices especially for budget airlines, which we think is the best to travel to any trending places.



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