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ASEAN Pass is a credit buying facility which is promoted by AirAsia which can be used when you travel around ASEAN. It will automatically lock in based prices for you. ASEAN Passes packages include 10 Credits and 20 Credits with a pricing of RM499 and RM888. If we do the math, 1 Credit is about RM50. We bought the 10 Credit ASEAN Pass to try.

Travelling Period is limited

For 10 Credit ASEAN Passes, validity is 30 Days since the day of redemption, while For 20 Credit ASEAN Passes, validity is 60 Days since the day of redemption. If you do not redeem, ASEAN Passes can last for 1 Year.

Travel timings may not suit

When we pre-book our flights through ASEAN Passes, not all time slots are available to pre-book. Usually, either the earliest or the latest flights will be available for redeem while middle time slots which are not full will be available.

One of the examples is we find it hard to connect flights even within a day. We travelled to Yangon, Myanmar and was planning to Hanoi, Vietnam next. We can’t connect the Yangon-Bangkok, Bangkok-Hanoi flights within a day. Ended up, we have to stay overnight in Bangkok before continue our trip to Hanoi. (Do Note: Yangon to Bangkok, Bangkok to Hanoi is 1 Credits each. )

Our Advice is DON’T BUY ANY Connecting flights first. Check the Availability and the dates first. In our case, there are some days which are not being offered the flights, despite there are regular scheduled flights, but are not for ASEAN Pass!!! (We had to change our schedule timings multiple timings to suit)

Flying with ASEAN Pass can cost higher

As this is a pre-book scheme, we booked our flights from Penang to Kuala Lumpur using the ASEAN Pass for One Credit (RM50). BUT, ASEAN PASS DOES NOT INCLUDE TAXES and FEES. Ended up, we paid about RM60-70 including credit card charges for the Taxes and Fees. When we checked Online the usual price of the ticket, it is just RM49.90 (ALL-IN) which includes everything.

In Fact, ASEAN Pass is perfect for tickets which are highly overpriced due to demand and it can lock in a lower price with you Credits. But, if you are clashing with low seasons or promotional times, using credits to purchase tickets, will actually Cost you More!!!!

Hard to use all 10 Credits

2 Hours and above flights use up 3 Credits while less than 2 hour flights use up 1 Credit. For all Indonesian Flights, 3 Credits are needed. In some cases, you have to forgo 1 Credit to complete your trip and this will make average your trip more expensive. Take a look at the sample trips by AirAsia:

For us, to take up the 1 Credit, Ended up, we actually can fly from Phuket straight to Kuala Lumpur, but we stopped by Penang and fly another flight from Penang to Kuala Lumpur to make up that additional 1 Credit and have to pay more.

Buying ASEAN Pass in different currencies are different

Take a look at the options to buy ASEAN Pass:

Purchasing in SGD:SGD 209 = RM623.56 (27 Jul 2018)

Purchasing in THB: 5,300 THB = RM645.46 (27 Jul 2018)

Purchasing in USD: 16o USD= RM649.50 (27 Jul 2018)

Purchasing in MYR:



In Conclusion, buying ASEAN Pass in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) is the best!!!


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