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A lot of AirAsia travelers may always see AirAsia promoting BigPay Cards as a payment method for airtickets and a cheaper alternative for a debit card. Without any long information forms and enquiry, seems like everyone is entitled to get one. So, Here’s what we get..

Pro: 0 Processing Fees if compared to Visa and MasterCard

When purchasing airtickets in AirAsia, no matter local or international routes, you are entitled to pay somehow a certain amount of processing fees. Lower processing fees are usually for internet banking while paying via Visa and MasterCard will require a higher processing fees. These fees are being paid per sector flown by per passenger.

So: RM8.00 for each sector flown within Malaysia and will be charged RM64.00 for 4 persons return tickets. Flying within the Peninsular may just only cost RM50 and RM8 seems to be of a higher margin when it comes to flying short routes.

By using BigPay, as long as you use BigPay to pay, you have 0 Processing Fees.

Pro: A MasterCard which can be paid outside

As it is also registered under MasterCard, the flexibility of having this card increases as you can use it to pay outside or even while travelling. Shopping in major retailers or big shopping malls with the BigPay wont be a problem. As long as you have enough amount money inside the mastercard, it won’t serve much as a problem.

According to their promotion, their currency rates are the closest to the latest FX and does not charge additionally for any foreign currency payment. Usually the process of having a debit card or a credit card may not be that easy for some people. But if compared, BigPay Card offers you an easier way to own a debit card with as low as RM20 inside the card. Until now as this was written, there is no minimum amount or any charges being imposed.

Con: Delayed Customer Service and Unanswered Customer Helplines

We faced a few problems in using the BigPay regarding to user phone numbers and the login interface. So, we decided to call up the Customer Service, for almost half a day, we keep calling and there are no answer on the other end. Even after we emailed them, it took them more than 4 days to replied us and the reply was just satisfactory

As a rather New card service, there are quite an amount of issues not only in the card, but most importantly the application itself. Recently, Our registered Thai number can’t receive the OTP which is sent whenever we logged in. As this is currently ongoing when this is written, we will update you accordingly.

Con: Mainly based in Malaysia and can’t keep multi-currency

As BigPay is a collaboration with AirAsia, which is founded in Malaysia, the customer based mainly I assume is in Malaysia. This makes the rest of us in ASEAN is not that friendly, when using this card. The inflexibility extends when you are putting different currencies into the card, it will automatically becomes RM and there is an exchange rates apart from the bank charges.

We find it is of quite high maintenance if the user is not in Malaysia or Singapore.


Apart from saying that, when it co  mes to processing fees , BigPay can save quite a lot, especially for a frequent traveler using AirAsia services. We hope that it can be more customer friendly with the communities across ASEAN, as AirAsia is an ASEAN airline. Customer Service have to upgrade tremendously before it can bring quality services and to keep updated on the application server maintenance.


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