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Rising terrorism, tensed up political situations and the biggest of all, a brewing Trade War. What does it mean for us who are looking forward to adventure out or travelling in the big new world alone?

Our take on this is simple. Know your facts.

One of the biggest rule when travelling alone is to be sensitive enough to suspect or to detect any new changes to environment. The best is always to look ahead and to be in the know of big things happening and also to analyze how hazardous things can get into. Understanding a place thoroughly is one of the secrets to gain confidence of travelling alone.

Avoid Political initiated National Events ( if can)

We remembered when we plan our first trip to Yangon and we purposely scheduled it a few weeks before the General Election, which later was a big change for the so-then opposition party. One of the reasons is the possibilities of a disruption event may highly occur when it gets close to these politically sensitive national events. Not to say that we do not appreciate national events, when travelling alone, is better to not place yourself in a possible “vulnerable” event.

Understand the culture

Especially the middle east, women can get increasingly uncomfortable when travelling there alone. But a pre-understanding of the middle east can help you go through your visits there too. Not only to respect their culture, but also understand how things work. For example, for solo travelers wearing over revealing clothing may be asking for problems in the middle east or even parts of India. We would encourage for travelers alone to really do their “homework” before starting a travel no matter to where.

Take Note of Weather, to avoid disappointment.

The biggest disappointment for an outdoor adventurer is the need to stay at home or the hotel because of weather disruptions. From typhoon warnings, high waves warning to even earthquakes, these are the things we have to take note all the time. Knowing there is an aftermath, it is also sometimes wise to visit the place after some time the bad weather occurs. For example, it is always basic knowledge that after any earthquake, it will be unwise to travel to mountain areas or even the seaside. As, there maybe a possible landslide or even a Tsunami may be triggered. A simple keep tracking of the weather of last week and the week you are travelling to may help a lot of understanding.

Knowing your Embassy, is like knowing your best friend outside

In our travelling memos, which we use for planning, no matter to Taiwan or Indonesia, we will put down the contact number and location of our Embassy and their operating hours. Sudden political changes may sometimes occur or will be ongoing throughout your stay in the place. We went through quite a number of political disruptions such as the Yellow Umbrella movement of Hong Kong, or the Uber-Taxi Protests throughout Indonesia. As a foreigner, we are always the most vulnerable in these situations.

Fluctuating events should not be stop for you from travelling or adventuring alone, but to avoid possible dangerous situations or events is always top priority. Adventure out, Know your facts, Stay safe!!


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