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Flying through ASEAN, these airlines are certainly on our flying fares comparison list. Not only the low fares, but also can bring significant value to a frequent travelers around Southeast Asia. Each of these airlines cover significant parts of Southeast Asia.

5. Cebu Pacific:

Cebu Pacific Airlines is a Philippines budget airline which operates mainly from Ninoy Aquino International Airport of Manila and other international airports of Philippines. From local flights as low as USD30  and international flights at USD 50-100, Cebu Pacific Airlines is one of the comparably budget airlines especially in the Philippines Region.

They do not have frequent promotions as their competitors around but unarguably they do offer lower fares and also cheaper hotel bookings + flight deals. It is always advisable to book early for this airlines and do not rely solely on their apps. Our adventurers sometimes find it hard to self check-in in the apps and have to register accounts.

Here’s their website link:

4. Vietjet:

Once was well known with its “bikini-cladded” advertisements and marketing, Vietjet now has taken over quite a fair share of the budget airlines market around the Indo-China Region. Viet Jet often offers great promotional deals and discount throughout the year. Especially for new route such as from DaNang to Daegu(Korea), price can be as low as USD 45 while from Ho Chi Minh to Bangkok prices start from 105000 VND (6 USD).

It is noted they currently don’t have an official facebook page nor a well-updated twitter account. The lack of social media presence means that travelers have to actively browse their websites in search for deals. Interface wise, VietJet website reminds us of the old AirAsia website couple of years ago, easy to use without too much cookies being download. Definitely an airline to consider when budget travelling across the Indo-China Region.

Here’s their website link:

3. Lion Air:

Being founded in Indonesia, Lion Air certainly has a wide flying base not only across ASEAN but in Asia too. With subsidiaries such as Batik Air, Thai Lion Air and Malindo, Lion Air can offer the best prices especially when travelling in Indonesia and Malaysia. From Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur costs starting from 40 USD per way while flying from Jakarta to Bali costs 40 USD including taxes.

We always will take Lion Air in consideration especially Malindo when travelling within Malaysia. Flights of Malindo will always come with luggage allowance 15-25 kg depending on the aircraft. This brings certain advantage when compared its competitors which will charge extensively on check-in luggage. Last minute flights in Lion Air will always be much more expensive. We advise travelers to pre-book as early as possible to secure a much better deal.

Here’s their website link:

2. Nok Air:

Despite having major staff strikes throughout the years, Nok Air is one of the most popular budget airlines in the Thai Region. By offering flights from Bangkok to Chiang Mai at a 800 Baht low while flying to Ho Chi Minh, may only need 1225 Baht, Nok Air certainly has some advantage. With its excellent marketing of prices through social media, definitely a popular airlines among IndoChina Population.

Often closely compared with Thai AirAsia, the services and facilities are getting more and more similar and are often upgraded. One of our editors were in their flight during they launched their in-flight WiFi for free in certain routes. Definitely a Plus for business travelling. You can even choose your own seats for free. For travelers out there travelling in the IndoChina region, do note that Nok Air offers collaboration with ferry companies and van companies to travel into more rural parts of Thailand or islands. Make certain to take advantage of it!!

Here’s their website link:

1. AirAsia:

Founded in Malaysia, without any doubt, Airasia has become one of the dominant budget carriers within Southeast Asia. Promotional deals with base airfares starting from 0 are often given out and we always find it cheaper to travel through AirAsia especially for routes within the country. AirAsia has expanded its service to Thai AirAsia, AirAsia Indonesia, AirAsia X and AirAsia India coming soon.

AirAsia is the first to introduce self check-in and baggage drop systems across South East Asia. Cutting down operation costs is always the goal of AirAsia. Passengers will have to self-check in to avoid being charged service costs. This may be sometimes a hassle especially for group travelling. One of the plus side of AirAsia is its loyalty program. It allows you to accumulate points while spending and offers promotional rewards to its members. Without a doubt, AirAsia is the least pricey in terms of facilities and flights.

Here’s their website link:



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