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KL Sentral is one of the main hubs in Kuala Lumpur which integrates MRT Lines, LRT Commuter Lines, Bus Lines, Hop On-and Hop-Off Free Shuttle Busses and also KTM ETS.

For first-time travelers, KL Sentral may seem to be very not well organized with its crowds of people in and out. But, never to worry as once you know the basics, it is quite impossible to get lost in the KL Sentral.

Few Options to get to KL Sentral:

1.If you are coming out of the LRT Commuter- KL Sentral Station, you will straight away be in the Heart of KL Sentral. Opposite the LRT Commuter Exits will be the entrance gateways to the ETS.

2.If you are coming out of the MRT – KL Sentral Station, you will have to walk quite a distance to the KTM Entrance. Follow the Signboards to KTM Entrance/ KLIA Express then you will easily reach the center of KL Sentral.

3.If you are reaching KL Sentral by using taxi, Remember to ask the taxi driver to put you near the KTM Counters or KTM Entrance. My cousin dropped me near the KTM Entrance and this is the gate I go in. The nearest entrance to KTM Counters is actually opposite the Taxi Stand or Hilton Hotel or Hop on-Hop Off Bus Stand.

How to go:

Nearest entrance to the KTM Counters : Opposite Hilton Hotel

Once reach, follow the Ticket Counters Sign. Here is shown there is an Enquiry Counter. Just walk straight facing the behind of the Enquiry Counter, you will reach the ticket counters.

Turn left when going in, you will see the counters


The ticket counters in KL Sentral operates just like how bank operates. First Step, Go to the Yellow, Blue Counter to get a number. Tell them where you are going and the Station you are reaching. They may advice you on the nearest timings and remember to get the number.

Main counter for getting Queue Number
Waiting Area and Counters : Just like banks
The TV showing queue numbers

Usually the queue wont be too long. At this crowd rate, it just took me 5 minutes to reach my counter.

Once reach the counter, tell them again the destinations you are going and station you are reaching. They will advise you on seatings, pricings and the timings. An example is shown here as I am travelling to Kampar, Perak- A northern state of West Malaysia. This is my ticket.

My ticket

Just In case you get Lost, always remember the KTM ETS Entrance is at the same row with McDonalds. You can always ask a passerby or the authorities where is McDonald, and pretty much , you will get to the KTM ETS Entrance in no time.

In front of the Entrance, you can see a big sign showing KTM Komuter.

Mc Donald will be just beside the entrance
Big sign

Please note that the gate is open roughly 15 minutes before the actual arrival of the train.  So, often you can see a crowd of people like this waiting outside of the entrance counter. Usually, as this period is the railway maintenance season, there will always at least be a delay of 15 -20 minutes to actual departure time.

Once your queue reach the Entrance Counter, Double check your ticket train number and the end destination with the TV shown here. Timings may sometimes be not accurate.

When reach, follow the crowd and walk straight down the escalator you will be at the platform of KTM ETS.

It is funny sometimes as when the train arrive, it will actually go much more in front than the waiting platform to drop off passengers. Don’t worry if you see the train has gone much more further and DON’T rush forwards to board the train. In 5 minutes, the train will move back as the train conductor change sides for boarding.

Here shown is a panicking crowd attempting to walk to the train but was advised not to.

Dont panic

Usually, there will be a lighting dashboard showing the end destination of this train. Always keep an eye to double check. If you look at your ticket, you will see an Alphabet, followed by a number + Alphabet. First Alphabet is the Carriage Number, so walk to the carriage with the Alphabet.

Once entered the carriage, just like airplanes, there will be labelling of seats at the upper sides of seats. This will be the numbering + Alphabet indicating your seat.

When found your seat, sit back and relax. There is even a 3 pin plug below the chairs for you to charge your mobile devices. After a while, a train conductor may come to verify your tickets and be sure not to throw away the tickets once onboard. Upon checking, they will give a chop like this.

The Chop

Bon Voyage.

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