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KLIA2 is the central hub for the biggest Low-Cost Carrier in Asia – AirAsia. Most of us travelling across the region will most probably travel to Kuala Lumpur for a transit or just a short stay. Finding a cheap way to travel down to the City of Kuala Lumpur without hurting your pockets? Here’s how.


Here’s a short overview of the floor plans in KLIA2 :

Level 3: Departure Hall

Level 2M: Food Court & Food Outlets

Level 2: Arrival & Retail Store

Level 1: Transportation Hub

When we arrive and come out from the Luggage Collecting Area, we will be straight in Level 2. Once out, walk straight through the shopping area of KLIA2. On the way, you will cross outlets such as H&M, UNIQLO, PADINI and other famous shopping brands in Malaysia.

Walk Straight when you are reaching the automatic doors to the pick-up zone, you will notice there are escalators near the automatic doors left and right. Notice the big signs beside these escalators.  These escalators will bring you all the way down to Level 1.

Alternatively, you may find the lift just situated near the automatic doors. As long as you notice the signs which points to Level 1, Transportation Hub, you should be fine.


Once you reach Level 1, you will see a lot of counters on both your Left Side and Right Side. Coming down from the escalators, on your left side, will all be Car-Renting Counters, while on your right side, will all be the Buses, and Taxi Counters.

Counter 5-10 (Taxi & Car Rental)

Counter 4, 3 and 2 will assist you in the arrangement of buses down to the city. These counters are the same and don’t be confused at the signs.

Counter 1-4

Tickets down to KL Sentral or Paradigm Mall should not be more than RM20 per way. This is as far the cheapest way to go down to the city if compared to the Taxi, or KLIA Express Rail.

During the purchase of tickets, remember to ask them which Bus Bay you should be waiting in. They will give you a number such as B7, B5 etc. After that, walk out to the Bus Pick-Up Bay and you should be able to see the different numbers there. Stand around there and wait for the bus.

Pick Up Bay


For those who want to straight go to Mitsui Outlet Mall, there will be a Free Shuttle Bus in Bus Bay B9 & B10. Do take note of the schedules being shown below to not miss any timings.

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